He woke up, found himself lying on the ground. As he noticed a dark silhouette standing over him, he tried to run away, but he could not.

2: ...there were 10 of us, and it were we who changed the world.

1: What are you speaking about? What does it mean “we”?

2: You must have forgotten everything. I have told you this story thousand times before. Let’s start from the very beginning, there is no rush.

1: What is this place?

2: This place is the ending of all things. And the beginning as well. The phenomenon “time” is meaningless here. Neither seconds nor centuries. This is Abyss. We created it irrespective of whether we wanted it or not.


2: We have lost you. Now we should get out of here. You must understand everything by yourself. Everything has lost it sense. Only snatches of places and events remain.


2: We were chosen for one purpose - to conquer the whole world. 10 people, endowed with the ability to walk through time. We imagined ourselves to be gods. But we didn’t manage to cope with the power we possessed. Look. He was one of us.

1: What? Is it his image? As for me, I can only see splash. I could hardly imagine that it is a portrait of someone.

2: Abyss distorts everything. Things here don’t look the same to us.


2: We knew perfectly well, that we would never see the world in this state again. So we made farewells, thus began our story.