1: What have we done, what have you done, what have I done? Pursuing higher values, we did not notice how we destroyed the surrounding world. Our efforts to converse the situation resulted in the collapse..


1: How fragile this world is! Just a dozen of people managed to demolish it unintentionally. Our power turned to be our curse. We were not ready for it. I was not ready.


1: Changing one link, we launched irreversible chain of events.It is an avalanche that will definitely lead to disaster.


Having said this, he looked into the counterpart’s eyes, staggered and plunged into unconsciousness.


2: The Abyss is awesome place. It has swallowed whole world. Everything may happen here. When we have come hither, we both lost ours memories. He was the one with the ability to call in mind events from the past, and I was the one, who could keep them. Next time, when he would be awaken, he will remember more details, which would help me to recover whole chain of events, which might help us understand, what can we do to correct everything we’ve done and to reestablish the familiar world and prevent destructive jumps in time. With great power comes great responsibility, and the humanity is was not ready for this. Meantime, all what is left for me is to tell that there were 10 of us, and it were we who changed the world.

1: What are you speaking about? What does it mean “we”?

2: You must have forgotten everything. I have told you this story thousand times before. Let’s start from the very beginning, there is no rush.